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Nutrition Unlimited - Wellness Center


Schedule an appointment with Diana for an acupuncture treatment for weight loss, smoking cessation, face lift, Gua Sha rejuvenation or discuss with her your many other acupuncture treatment options. 248-894-4773

Nutrition Unlimited - Acupuncture

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Bio Meridian Testing

Nutrition Unlimited  - Biomeridian testingMark Meyerson, CNC will perform this non-invasive test to find energetic imbalances.  The initial test is $80 (re-checks available for $30) and includes a nutritional consultation.

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Ear Candling

Nutrition Unlimited's practioner Amanda offers this service that can help remove ear wax and toxins from the body.

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Exercise with Oxygen Therapy

Nutrition Unlimited - Exercise with oxygen therapyExercise with oxygen therapy is a great way to increase energy!

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Foot Detox

footdetoxTry a foot detox for $30 with our practitioner Kathy.  Foot detoxification helps to balance energy and has many reported theraputic benefits.

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Massage & Aroma Therapy

Nutrition Unlimited - Massage RoomSchedule an appointment with Nutrition Unlimited's massage therapist, Amanda for a theraputic, relaxing, or rejuvenating massage.

Add aroma therapy to your massage for an additional charge.  Aroma therapy is blah, blah, blah.

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Muscle Testing

Our practitioner Amanda offers this non-invasive way to determine imbalances within the body.  This ancient Chinese practice can find energy blockages to be addressed.  

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Nutritional Consulting

Nutrition Unlimited offers nutritional consulting with Mark Meyerson, CNC in the Wellness Center.


Nutrition Unlimited - Infrared SaunaStop in to enjoy time in our state-of-the-art infrared sauna.  As opposed to saunas that use steam, ours uses infrared radiant heat that is absorbed directly into the body.  Sessions are $25 per hour and each session may have up to 3 people.

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