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Energetix was created as the result of the recognition of a significant need in the healthcare field and a shared vision of great possibility. 

 Energetix - The Products, in their Words

"At the product level, our goal has been to assemble remedies of the highest quality, using safe and clean processes with high-grade sourcing.  From our unique Spagyric formulations to leading-edge nutritionals.

Created by practitioners for practitioners, Energetixproducts represent a spectrum of experience and accommodate a wide range of modalities.  As complements to various forms of medical treatment, they are increasingly recognized and sought because of their unique combination of safety, bioavailability, energetic balance and effectiveness."

Energetix Website & Resources - For additional information and resources, Nutrition Unlimited has provided a link to the Energetix website.

Coming Soon - The Nutrition Unlimited online store, serving our customers needs and a global need to empower everyone to live a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Unlimited Mission Statement

"The natural way is the only way. Life in all its fullness is mother nature obeyed."

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